Friday, July 27, 2007

New Info Lit Video

The Teaching Learning Center is experimenting with creating YouTube videos to help teach info lit skills for freshmen in particular. Our most recent one features our own extraordinary art history Professor, Parme Giuntini discussing some of the criteria useful in determining whether the information found in periodicals is scholarly, popular, or professional. Although not really scripted, she has worked closely with me for years on teaching info lit skills to students in the first year required art history course. She spoke extemporaneously for 55 minutes and we edited it down to 10. James Olech, a recent Otis Fine Arts grad did the shooting and editing on the video.

This method of teaching Info Lit skills hold promise. We'll see how students like it this fall.

Our YouTube Channel is at:
You can also download the videos through the Apple Music Store iTunesU link.