Saturday, May 31, 2008

Edupunk... What a Great Term!

I've spent the morning lost in the blogosphere reading the latest buzz about edupunk. I find myself really liking the term.

It's really all about Web 2.0 concepts, but edupunk has an edgy connotation to it that likely appeals to artists and designers. And, many of the EduTech community have that same creative problem-solving mindset of our faculty and, hopefully, our students.

Edupunk seem to involve a renegade DIY (do it yourself) component, but with a strong focus on pedagogy before technology.

Although not specifically refered to as edupunk, Educause IS dealing with the concept in its 2008 Learning Initiative Conference Presentation called "Who's Afraid of Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and the Big Bad CMS? A Digi-Drama About Fear 2.0." There are some very interesting videos on their presentation page. In particular, the last Voicethread slidecast is interesting in light of the discussions I've led recently at Senior Cabinet, Techology Committee, and Student Affairs.

More about edupunk:
From the Chronicle:
What I've been reading on the subject:

Interestingly enough, there is already a Wikipedia article about Edupunk created 5/30, and tagged for deletion for being too new on 5/31. I find this phenomena interesting. Having the ability to negotiate and perservere within the Wikipedia community is very edupunk. I'll be watching.


David Warlick said...

I posted that Wikipedia article and was a bit taken-aback by its tagging for deletion. On the one hand, I understand it, because Wikipedia is trying to earn respect in the information community. On the other hand, it's the first place I went to find more information about EduPunk. Wikipedia is where I'd expect to learn more about something that is this new!

Jim said...


Otis is, and has been, so very EDUPUNK for quite a while now :)

And David, I think it is pretty rad that you started the Wikipedia article, and after Sue pushed for a stay of execution given it had already been quoted in the Chronicle, it looks like it may have some more time ---for better or for worse.

I would love to see what the art minds at OTIS could do with the aesthetic and imaginative space of a term like EDUPUNK (Hint, hint!)

Sue Maberry said...

Wow, Jim. I'm flattered!