Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Technologies

Although very interested in technology, I'm not really a technie. But, like you, I find myself continually having to learn new technologies and update stuff ALL THE TIME.

This morning I decided to update this blog and Blogger gave me the option of migrating to the new Google Blogger--with added functionality. Great, I thought, and hit UPGRADE. Worked fine. So I went about adding a new thing--my Delicious Links that you see on the left. Took a few minutes to figure out, But, no big problems.

Then I thought, I need a new post. I'd seen this great video on YouTube called "Introducing the Book" which is a humouous look at how nerve-wracking it is to adapt to new technologies using the book as the methaphor for a "new" technology. That would make a good quick post, I thought.


As I ususally do, I hit the "Post Video" link on YouTube which is all configured to simply and easily insert a video in this blog. "Your video will appear in your blog shortly," the message said. I waited.... And waited.... Nothing.

Eventally I noticed that I had a message in my YouTube inbox. (Actually, I didin't even realize I had an inbox.) It said: An error has occurred. Fault: UserMigratedException: The given Blogger account has been migrated to a Google Account on the new Blogger.

OK. I'll just edit my blog settings and all will be well, I thought. Again...WRONG!!!!!

As it turns out YouTube doesn't yet support posting to the new Google Blogger, but they "will be adding support for other blogging platforms and personal sites soon."

So, until that time, you actually have to click on the link to see "Introducing the Book."


trickinicki said...

Just so you know, there is an Embed script available in the small box to the right side of the movie clip in YouTube. I've been using that to feed clips into my blogger/google blogger blog.

Sue Maberry said...

Thanks. I'll check that out.