Monday, February 19, 2007

The Social Web at Work

Right away after my last posting, I received a comment from trickiniki telling me how to embed this video into my posting. How trickiniki found me, I have no idea. But it was very helpful. Thanks.

This is a great example of the social aspects of Web 2.0.

And, isn't it ironic how familiar that video feels...


trickinicki said...

I'm a learning technologist myself.

I believe i found you by clicking on your web link from a comment you made on another blog, i can't remember which now as i've been busy scouring blogs the last few days.

Perhaps from COGDOGBLOG, as i see you have that site listed, and i follow that blog, have done since i met the author back in 2004.

Sue Maberry said...

I've been preparing to teach a workshop for our faculty about Web 2.0, so I've recently started in earnest following the blogosphere, trying to understand how it all works. A few people I don't know have posted comments, which is intersting and made me wonder how people are finding this blog. I also follow the great CogDog, so maybe that is a connection.

Sue Maberry said...

Uh oh. This video was just taken down at YouTube. But you can see the foreign language version here: