Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Second Life on the Submarine Channel

What an great website dedicated to showcasing new media! The Submarine Channel will be of interest to many departments at Otis. You'll find a mix of offbeat and original content including independent narrative short films, music videos, animations, and interviews with filmmakers.

There's a new feature called Forget the Film Watch the Titles, a collection of title sequences--examples of film credits including animation, motion graphics, and 3-D animations which elevate film titles to an art in itself. Although not a database where you look up all classic titles, it's still a wonderful resource.

I found the Submarine Channel through Angela A. Thomas' blog posting called Second Life Media. It was there I learned about a compelling experiment in digital storytelling. My Second Life is a mockumentary machinima. Apparently a man in California vanish, but a man of the same name mysteriously emerges from within the online world of Second Life. Released as a series of video diary "dispatches" by this Traveller, it's a lot of fun.

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Marc said...

Meg and I just watched "Thank you for Smoking" and we thought the title treatment was brilliant!