Monday, March 12, 2007

NEW! Otis College Channel on YouTube

Using Fletcher Jones Foundation funding, over the past year, the TLC has been working with faculty to create podcasts and make them available on the Otis iTunesU site.

Recently, we have also begun to experiment with creating videos of faculty demonstrations for courses and putting them up on YouTube (in addition to iTunesU). To that end we have created an Otis College Channel on YouTube:

At present, you will find several videos there. One is Bob Mackie talking about why he likes working with Otis fashion students. There are others by Foundation faculty member, Christian Mounger, demonstrating “Value Step Scales Using Graphite.” More to come. Please subscribe to this channel.

Marc Meredith started a YouTube Channel quite awhile ago called Otis Admissions with some excellent videos from the Ben Maltz Gallery as well as student interviews. Eventually he will migrate those videos to the more inclusive Otis College Channel.

Many Otis students have put their own work on YouTube and tagged them “otis college.” They are really fun to watch.

By the way, Marc also has been creating an interesting blog called, The “O” Observed. Well worth a look!

Speaking of blogging, many faculty are also experimenting with blogs and wikis for classroom use. You’re welcome to take a look at some other Otis’ experiments within the world of Web 2.0 by clicking here. The TLC is also blogging at TLC Notes.

This is an exciting time for Otis as we watch its web presence spread into social networking sites.

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